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Almost every organization is faced with the challenge to correctly evaluate the value of its assets be it traditional assets (land, gold, property), intellectual property (goodwill of business), know-how or technology. Regulatory compliance requires all companies to assess the fair value of recorded goodwill and identifiable intangible assets from time to time.

We offer complete and objective Valuation Services to meet Client-Specific needs and specialize in the recognition, classification and valuation of intangible assets

A business's assets are a vital part of any valuation. The valuation of the asset will come to the fore in case any transfer of assets. A business has three types of assets:

Current assets: Current Assets include inventory, accounts receivable and other liquid assets.

Fixed Assets: Fixed Assets are permanent business assets and include land, buildings, plant and machinery, tools, motor vehicles and computer equipment.

Intangible assets: ntangible Assets include patents, goodwill, copyrights and intellectual property (IP).