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Inheritance of wealth is a tedious and a prolonged process given that multiple laws exist in India. Is there a way to protect your wealth? And is there a way you can you pass it on effectively to the next generation? These and many such questions can be easily addressed by making your Will online with Planext.

You work relentlessly to build your assets: your investments, house, other properties; and to provide a decent level of financial safety net for your loved ones. We believe it makes immense sense to work just as hard to protect them in the event something was to happen to you! That is the primary objective of estate planning; to protect, preserve and manage your assets during and post your life.

Also when you have made a will, then the transfer of all your assets are made simpler. In a world of e-governance, having a will, is a weapon in the hands of your beneficiaries. Not only will they save substantial time, but significant costs as well.