NRI Services

Planext offers a comprehensive NRI solution for all your succession planning and legal requirements. Our nationwide legal team helps NRI customers with the following services.

1. Creation of Wills/ trusts, Legal help in obtaining succession certificate/Probates, encumbrance certificates and other documents.

2. We act as executors for Will’s in India if required. We also help in the transfer process of all assets to the next of kin even where we are not the executor as a part of our fulfillment service.

3. Real Estate Services; (including title search, due diligence, rental and other agreements, joint development agreements and local government liaison)

4. Transfer of movable and Immovable assets (including land, flats, bank accounts, fixed deposits, mutual funds, shares, provident funds, insurance policies etc)

5. All legal documents (including agreements, affidavits, power of attorney’s, name change procedures, marriage certificate etc)

6. Litigation and arbitration across various courts in India.

It’s easy to get started with Planext- follow the 3 steps mentioned and get your customized solution:

Forward your requirements to us at or call at +91.80.411 200 30

Our legal team develops an estimate in terms of time, effort and cost and revert in three working days

Sit back and let us manage your affairs in India